Saturday, January 6, 2007

Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

Various medical authorities swarm in and out of here predicting I have between two days and two months to live. I think they are guessing. I remain cheerful and unimpressed. I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread. I love you all and I deeply implore you to keep the lasagna flying.

Please pardon my levity, I don't see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.


(typed from his bedside at his fnord by the sea)


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114h14m said...

The pasta will always fly.

I want to tell you that me and my other off-line friends admire you.
You're a great mind.

Thank you and may you be well here or somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what to say, but i'll try

your work has done so much to better the appreciation i have for my life and the enjoyment of it as to be beyond measure


Anonymous said...

I love you. You have shared so much with me. Now I want to share something with you! It is written in the Book of Thern.

"In the End the gods shall determine to create the End of Things. Then shall they witfully make nothing of what unwittingly they made at the very Beginning of Things, which will be (as it ever was) the establishment of Nothing, wherein are there no things. And thus all things that create the Allness--yea, these minute and palpable things that constitute the particularity of particular things and too those great and wobbly things that form the generality of general things--will be no more, excepting only those that never were at all.

"For in the End the gods shall in accord with the wonder of their wisdom uncreate All That Is but none of What is Not. And from this mighty mingling of the newly increate with the eternally nonexistent shall spring forth a New World. And it shall be a very good one, perfect, and without flaw.

-The Book of Thern
Book XIII, Chapter 1, verses 331-337

andrew said...

Hi Bob

I have only just discovered your work and already the previously rigid foundations have begun to crumble. I now get to see the rest of my life through the wondrous new prism which you have given to me. I look forward to merging with you come the eschaton. Goodnight and Goddess bless.

Anonymous said...

This may seem like a tasteless thing to ask (or a tasteless way to ask it), but I mean it in all sincerity. Now that you have things in retrospect, would you like to come back as an ant or as a grasshopper?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

I love you too.

Unknown said...

My dad's close to the edit himself.
He's a Sartrean existentialist turned sufi mystic. Please take it easy on him in the next plane.


Jesse said...

I love you

you are the man

everyday I tell people about and talk about what I've learned from your books

thank you

- Jesse

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, what a coincidence - I'm dying too! Yay! We're all going to die! Woo-hoo!

Of course, I probably have more than two days or months before that happens (or do I?).

Thanks, Bob, for making us laugh at death - again.

See you in the next world!
(Hopefully all those Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Democrats, Satanists, Carl Saganists, Scientologists, American Idol Addicts, Ketchup-On-Drive-Thru-Burger Fanatics, Cellphone-ologists and other assorted Creepy Dogmatists will skip the next world and go directly to their dumbassed "Heavens" and/or "Hells" and leave me be for an eon or two - Gawd, I can barely think straight with all these FREAKS around!)

Trippo Marx
Parker Lane, Austin, Texas, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Unfashionable End of This Universe

archdude said...

i'm no medical authority, but I have the idea that sometimes, a little version of goddess sits on my shoulder, and tells me things, that I may or may not consider to have some truth. She agrees with you that the medical authorities are guessing, and that they're not the most reliable guessers out there.. thank goddess you don't believe anything, hahaha, most of all medical authorities. Even if they mean well:)
I love you uncle Bob, tomorrow i'm teaching a class on the beach where lasagna can learn how to fly. The sign-up list was almost full just now. It's an up and coming thing, flying lasagna. You're ever the trendsetter..:)

Carl Smith said...

Bob, I just wanted to wish you luck and many adventures in the times ahead for you.

I love your books. Along with a hundred thousand other things, they are a big part of why I am what I am now. I can never thank you enough for the ideas you exposed me too. I had some lectures on tape you did a few years ago. I could have listened to you talk about James Joyce for days!

I will definitely miss your wit and wisdom, but I'm not sad. Death will be the greatest adventure of all. Enjoy it!

I love you and wish you all the best!

Unknown said...

In the name of Wilson and Hutz, Underdog World Strike!

Good job, Dr. Wilson.

I moved to San Francisco five years ago to invite you for dinner. The dinner never happened, and I've gone back to New York. Isn't that how it works?

Anonymous said...

When I was 15, the doctors told my mother that she had 6 months to year to live. Fifteen years later, she died. That was only because they performed a very high-risk surgery. She was in a lot of pain and wanted to go. Don't listen to the doctor's BS. It's only our own BS that keeps us alive! Hang in there! We love you...

ian floetl said...

you mean a great deal to me bob, and for that i thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, there's an interesting article called "The Great Afterlife Debate. Micheal Shermer v. Deepak Chopra". @

John Fink said...

Good luck man, good luck, and godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Sir -

I met you at a book signing in Austin TX at Fringeware - you signed the event flier with a large "23" for me for a friend of mine who really didn't "get it."

Your "Cosmic Trigger" was suggested to me several years earlier in New Jersey by both my girlfriend and my best friend independently with in one week of one another.

Such a fun and great book - its the paperback edition with the painting by Sallie Glassman.

I won't go on and on - but really you have made me THINK and I thank you for it.

Understanding the current dilemma -still feel better soon.

Dreiundzwanzig-ly yours,


Dr.Alistair said...

hey bob, thanks for the laughs.....and thanks for showing me how to honour my freedom. i am busily passing that message along.
bless you brother.

Anonymous said...

it's true. death is remarkably absurd. so is life.

i fly lasagna in your honor and celebrate with the riccota of wisdom and the noodles of awe-inspiring peace. and the sauce? that's all the squishy fun in between.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
I just got my "Email to the Univese" day before yesterday, can't put it down because it fills me with glee and mist. The tears flowed from my heart to yours as I read, "Another Midnight Haiku
Dark, dark: no waves splash,
no barking dogs, no wind.
Just the sound of no sound."
deliscious you as always now.
Love, Tamara & Ishtar Rising

Anonymous said...

I had to post for the 23rd comment. Good luck and safe and meaningful journey.

Anonymous said...


Oh how I wish I could shake your hand and tell you how much your work has meant to me. You are truly one of my personal heroes.

Please consider this a hearty handshake and a sincere thank you for being one of the most influential people in my life.

Tom W.

Rob Pugh said...

Death is far too important to take seriously.

Love always, and thank you. - Rob

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Because your death would cause great inconvenience for the German Discordian Empire, I hereby forbid you to die. If you still insist on dying, the fine will be 17 tons of flax, payable in the next world.

Yours sincerely,

Rüdiger von Finckendorff, NPIAB.

Unknown said...

Bob! Don't go just yet. You've got to at least wait to see how this new movie "The Number 23" turns out. I understand Jim Carey is a big fan of yours. If I don’t see your name in the credits there’ll be feces flying at the screen.

Here’s the link to the trailer:


I hope you realize just what a profound mark you've left on the collective consciousness of the human race. You've shattered so many paradigms, blown so many minds... made SO MANY people BETTER people. You know how fucked up things are these days? Just imagine how much MORE fucked up it would be if you hadn't done such an amazing job UNfucking-up people. :-P

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us all.

Paranoid Writer said...

Dear Robert Anton Wilson:

Thank you, kind sir, for everything you've done for our species. You are a guiding light, and the shadow show you cast on the walls of our collective cave have always been good humoured, kind, and truly inspirational.

If I remember rightly, in 'Cosmic Trigger' you mention how Dr Leary considered himself as a reincarnation of everyone that he'd ever learned from: the embodiment of their lives and teachings, the next link in a long and illustrious chain. And I couldn't agree more. For I will always endeavour to keep your teachings alive and the Hope flowing strong and True... For I have only to open one of your masterpieces and you are always there, smiling back at me.

Long live the Mighty RAW!




Ravuya said...

Thanks for the books, Robert. I hope, however, that you will be with us for much longer.

Again, thank you for the work and the chance to send you this "thank you" note.

Unknown said...

At Christmas, my mother gave me a Stouffer's lasagne... and it was BETTER than what she had made me all the time I was growing up! Try it!

We love you!

Sean Bedlam said...

You're a fuckin' good man, Robert Anton Wilson! :)

Anonymous said...

thank you. thank you. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rob:

I remember discovering your books as an undergraduate nearly twenty years ago, and the extraordinary way they opened up my thoughts and perspective. You have indeed made a difference.

Kevin Bart

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and love are with you. Thank you for the life you have lived and the teaching you have given.

What "I" faces death? Not eternity.

Anonymous said...

Among other things, I see 23 everywhere I go. Keep in touch with us... we're listening!

Bill Strait said...


I hope you opt for cryogenics. The possibility of never reading another RAW book makes me terribly sad.

Either way I'll see you on the other side.

Conscious In A Coma

TW said...

Hey, Bob! I just want to mention here that I attended your seminars at the Masonic Temple in LA back in about '87, and they changed my life. Hell, your writings changed my life (and I discovered them when I was 23, hoo-hah), and have influenced much of my own work since then.

I want to thank you for being a mentor to me even if you never knew it; for opening minds and expanding horizons; for being one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century; for turning a whole generation on to Leary and Joyce and ee cummings and yourself and tons of other stuff.

You, Mr. Wilson, are a rockstar philosopher god -- just as wrong as any other, but enough right at the proper times. And right enough to know always that you were merely human, and to teach those of us who adore you to take it in the proper spirit.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your impact on my life was enormous. Your words hit a target and had an effect. Your teachings will live with me always. You transcended politics, philosophy, religion, and everything else, wrapped them up into a neat package, then drop-kicked them into model agnosticism.


Now here's to hoping that you can remember those fifth, sixth and seventh circuit teachings, and kick the snot out of whatever is doing the nasty to your first and second circuits right now. 'Cause I'm really hoping you'll be around for at least a century, if not more. (Sister Kenny was right once; maybe she can do it again.)

Love, peace and hope. And 23 skidoo. You amazing, talented, intelligent, world-changing bastard, you.


One of your many students.

Laconicus said...

NASA reports that lasagna has been observed 2300 miles above the earth, held in constant orbit between the forces of gravity and levity. While you wait to cast off mortality, rest assured that your work, like the lasagna, will keep flying. Current and future generations will absorb the RAW vibe via the printed page, over the Internet, through telepathy and from information technologies that have yet to be imagined or designed. Love forever!

wetwebwork said...

stay happy, and thank you for the books!

Melody the First said...

The pasghetti flieth on.

Now as to this silly business about two days or two months ... the doctors told my dad he had six months to live.

Seven years later, my father walked back into that same doctor's office. In fact, six months after *that*, my father attended the doctor's funeral.

Doctors are guessing. Guess differently. We love you deeply and will let you fly on if we need to, but I have a hunch you've got a lot more miles in you than the doctors think.

God (R) said...

Not only lasagne will fly forever, whatever happens, your name will do the same. It is on a DVD mounted on the New Horizons spacecraft on its way to Pluto - and after that, it will leave the solar system and who knows? Maybe it will visit the dwarf planet Eris.

But Bob, not only your name will live on. Thanks to your books and audio tapes, your ideas will survive as well, in the minds of the people you have inspired. And in the years to come, your thoughts and your voice will speak to even more people, many of whom are not even born today.
You were one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century, but many of your insights will be even more important in the 21st. Your book „The New Inquisition“ changed the way I think, and for that, I will love you forever. And that's the trick: As long as you are loved, you can never die.

Anonymous said...

I love you, mr. Wilson. good luck, where ever you are going. and thanks for everything.

Monsieur Obscure said...

pash! the doctors told me at first that my condition was nothing and that i should buck up. then they told me that it wasn't that bad and that i should exercise more. then they told me that i have several serious conditions and that there is nothing they can do about it.

and, of course, since bed-ridden people don't make much scratch, they aren't taking the 'make the rest of my long crappy life better' kinda approach.

i seriously need some occult magick, here. anyone out there recruiting? can i skip the freemasons? i get bored easily, and have no ability to subvert my will, nor will to do so.

speaking of which, i was just tossing the spaghetti around the other day, and my friend was wearing his 'if you can read this then you are a pope' shirt, with the wonderful head of bob on it, and i thought, 'huh, i guess we're all children, even the ones with the big decisions to make, and we all throw spaghetti, even if the spaghetti are depleted uranium tipped bunker-buster nukes launched at a hole in the ground holding a bunch of archaic idealists speaking arabic.'

and then i thought, fuck!, i've got a lot of people to talk to!

i'm a bit tarot fan, let me just say that the breakdown of the suits and the court card in 'prometheus rising' has been infinitely useful. but i get the idea, bob, that you are a bit prejudiced against the cups. the king of cups is a rapist or sociopath? the queen someone to not fuck? now, as an air sign, i have my frustration with water, but as an aquarius i must say that bridging emotional with reason is very powerful. and people of water have saved my life before, from emotional overkill, so i can't take that worried approach.

i have a secret to share...there is a website, out there, and it has the illuminatus trilogy on it.

the whole book.

i've told people about it. poor people, who would never be able to buy the book.

i'm sorry, bob, but i know you understand, just how important the ideas in that book are. those ideas found you, and they resonated, like a stone in a sink, and now the waves are over the edge of the ship!

bout time!

with love

The Purple Gooroo said...

I will fling lotsa pasta in your honour, sir.

I hope you have much more than 2 weeks or 2 months to live and I'm hoping that the A.M.A. dogma-junkies have this one incorrect (as they often seem to do).

I will be sad to see you leave the planet...but I want you to know that you have reached 'non-locality'--as many of us have your works in our minds...much like the music of Beethoven, the words of Joyce and the sayings of earlier prominent philosophers.

Goddess bless you, Bob!

P.S.: As a cool synchronicity, I've nearly finished reading "The Silence Of The Lambs" and the pic for this post has ol' Tony Hopkins as Hannibal..awesome!

Tony Angelo said...

Hail Eris.

I suppose this might be my chance to say thank you, Bob. As with nearly everyone else who has commented, you've been an inspiration (shame on you).

I hope those doctors are full of shit, and tomorrow you wake up feeling fine. But if that isn't the case, I'll see you next time 'round, my friend.

All hail Discordia.

Blamegame said...

Dearest Mister Anton Wilson,

I saw you partially empty the Imperial College lecture theatre. 1995?
Place was 1/2 full of people shouting "All hail Bob!" and 1/2 full of mindcare professionals. Psychiatrists and the like.
You called the pope some phenomenally rude names and a lot of mindcare professionals got up and left. Which cleared the air nicely.
My big brother always insisted that was an old Aleister C. trick.
Just wanted to say a truly heartfelt thank you for all the books. My two brothers and I have read the lot. One runs an avant garde jazz band, I'm a medical secretary, and the other's a tree surgeon.
We love you.

So I'm sending you all our love. About 200Gb of it. In a zip file.

sorry, fnord.

Anonymous said...

Danke für alles!

jefpeanutbutter said...

I've wanted to come by and say hello to you, Mr. Wilson, for three years now. But I still haven't made the road trip from here in Austin, Texas, to there in California. I said hello to you once when you were promoting Everything... in Austin. I felt foolish because I was so nervous. So ever since, I've wanted to see you while I was not in a nervous and awkward state of mind. For now, I will say I love you, and I love everything you've written, and I love doing the QP and PR exercises. Rage, Mr. Wilson, against the dying of the light.
-Jeff Britt
or, Brig. Gen. Jodo "Dozen" Donuts, Ret.
d o z e n d o n u t s @ g m a i l . c o m

Metáfora Espiral said...

Hello Bob ¡¡ Keep on rowing gently ¡¡ I'm sure your charisma will last longer than their temples ¡¡ You are always welcome to the shrine between my temples ¡¡


Kevin said...

Enjoy whatever time you have (I have small doubt you will).

Love and joy to you and us all.

Anonymous said...

"Be careful what you wish for -- especially in a German whorehouse." - Mother Teresa

My current opinion (i.e. stupid idea I can't prove) is that we are immortal patterns in the information sea which on its surface has the wave patterns we call 'reality'. If this is so, then what we have is more or less isomorphic to the 'quantum immortality' hypothesis (see and ). But of course (and I always tell people this when we discuss The Secret and What the Bleep) RAW was on to this data 25 years ago!

I second rmjon23 (hey ya Michael!) re: George Carlin. I too have told people that Uncle Bob taught me more than ANYBODY. Others have been very helpful/informative but it was Bob who offered a framework that held it all together, when others who were experts in one area paid too little attention to the Big Picture.

Q: How many Robert Anton Wilsons does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Who needs lightbulbs? Bob beams love at you and then you get off your ass and illuminate your own damn self.

As Borat said: "Fuck off, Death!"

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Brooklynite, I just wanted to tell you that you have changed my life immeasurably, and uncontrollably too...all for the good, in the end. Thank you for being...blessed be!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!

Thanks, Bob, for making us laugh at death - again... I love you, mr. Wilson. You unlocked my eyes. Thank you for being one of the most influential people in my life in my art inspiration. Very good - smile, at death. Success on new road of life, good luck, where ever you are going. and thanks for everything.

(grammatical error)23 23/23

theFIVEpointedI said...

Hello Bob, I'm still rather convinced that I'm living in one of your novels, but I also think that maybe I am you and that I am living in my own novel disguised as you. You might be my archetype agnostic.

Anyway, I am glad to hear that you find death absurd. I myself, though a youth and no where near the territories you are treading, find myself having a difficult time in believing in the concept of death. I will not believe it I guess until it happens. But even then, I don't think I'll be able to grasp it. I think you and Leary may have set a trend for thinking and truly believing in immortality. Its been a few generations, and the seeds have been subconsciously planted in my mind. Thanks for that. IAO, Evoe I adore thee.

"His students said to him,
When will te kingdom come?

Yeshua said,
It will not come because you are watching for it. No one will announce, "Look, there it is," or "Look, there it is." The father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth and people do not see it." The Gospel of Thomas

Good fortune Bob, may the next Heaven be as interesting as this one. All my love with all sincerity...


alchemical said...

Thank you for teaching me so much about this life. I hope that when we make the transition to the next life, you'll be there to teach us about that one, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Let each pursue his Will as a strong man that rejoiceth in his way, as the course of a Star that blazeth for ever among the joyous company of Heaven.

My best wishes to Robert for the journey ahead: your wonderful writings have been among my fondest companions for the past 27 years...

Anonymous said...

Увидимся в 2012м. Спасибо.

Anonymous said...

Goddess bless, Bob.

Io Eris.

Anonymous said...

Cosmic Trigger and the Illuminatus Trilogy changed my life, for the better, and they still do

love you Bob



Anonymous said...


Lupa said...

Whatever afterlife you end up in, I hope that whenever you get there, whether it's two days, two months, two years or two decades, that you turn it on its head as thoroughly as you did this one. Gods know that it's made this ride a hell of a lot better.

In the meantime, though, I'm going to continue enjoying your periodic posts here. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Unknown said...

Heya Bob. Here's some more lyrics inspired by you.


Child of force and fire
Spilling sacred blood
Like the hunter at midsummer
When the Nile floods

Had a vision I was flying
You were riding me
Acid races across the sky in
Lucid Dream 23
Her kisses brush like light wind against the skin
In the night, yeah

Seduction by number
"Captain Clark welcomes you aboard"
Bitten by the dog star
Hair is the only cure

I love it when you're such a bitch
With hermetic politics
And a virus punchcard
That says Eris Esoteric

Awaken from your slumber
Strike the bell at dawn
Arise my supernatural horror
Thy will be done


I have a few long word things memorized that I say/chant in between songs, while improvising with some other musicians: "Apocalypse" by William Burroughs, Liber AL chapter II, and a long rambling bit on Hindu Philosophy by Alan Watts that I've seen titled "OM: the sound of Hinduism" or "Who Puts It On?"
I'd come and recite them for you, except I'm broke and in NY.

Thanks for having a blog.

Sheta said...

Thank you for opening my eyes to possibility. It changed my life and eased the transitioning from one view to another, an effect that never fades. You freed my mind, sir, and I will always be grateful.

- Sheta

Anonymous said...

Bob, you changed the world for the better. Thanks.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Do not. And go, knowing that you changed many people's lives in distant lands. I read your books in Malaysia, a gift from friends who live there.

Anonymous said...

Bob... While I, like many others, may never have the opportunity to meet you in person, know that you have touched this humble seeker & countless others in mind & spirit. Which ends up doing a body way more good than milk & beats a handshake, anyhow. I for one hope to honor your gifts: to think critically, love all, laugh often & well (particularly at myself), & have a hella-good time doing it all. With that thought... I wish you peace & love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comfort of knowing there are others. Your works and suggestions give me the ammunition to quietly fight the fuckheads.

Anonymous said...

"...Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Unknown said...

I discovered your work 10 years ago and I've never been the same since.

Thank you for following your star and being who you are. You've enriched the minds of many, myself included.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, sir. You provide illumination. :)

Unknown said...

You've made an undeniable impact on my life and the lives of those I've introduced to your work. There is no proper way to impart the amount of gratitude I feel, so I'll just say, "Thanks, Bob."

Let the Doctors guess. I suspect that you'll go when you're good and ready. Tomorrow or 100 years.

Neil Bates said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neil Bates said...

Robert - Good move, not to give in to the "inevitability" of anything. If many of us hadn't defied the seeming inevitability of continued one-party Republican rule, we wouldn't have Nancy swinging the gavel. (However imperfect the Democrats, the lesser of two evils is indeed lesser and the realistic choice. I will never forgive Nader for his arrogance and meddling, however much I otherwise respect him.)

As for taking death lightly, and the "survival" question: We don't think that a computer program needs the original computer it ran on to "survive." If the same process can run elsewhere, it is "real" and the machinery is irrelevant. So, why the big deal about the decay of one's brain? If whatever constitutes your mind (and I'm not saying it is mere logical data, just that it is not bound) can "run" elsewhere, like in some platonic, immaterial, modal-realist supercomputer a la Frank Tipler, then it is still alive. Yeah, a sobering thought. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Robert --

Some Guy here, so I imagine. Say hi to Arkanos-by-the-Sea (if you get out that way -- looks kind of like Santa Monica). Thank you for Trigger and Illuminatus (they hit me in the best & tender years) and the others I'll read some day. Love & Best... 9996

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything, Bob! Keep in touch.

Dij said...

I want to thank you for your relentless dedication towards removing the veils of deception. You've done this with grace and humor. Life became infinitely more enjoyable, for me, the second I began reading the Illuminatus Triology back in 1993. I constantly send you love and gratitude. My latest and greatest piece of writing, written and posted last night, would not exist if not for you. The fire you have shared with all of us will continue to rage and spread accross this crazy zoo planet.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work in th enext life, whatever it may be.

Skatche said...

Your work helped lift me out of solipsistic nihilism and set me on a rather more bizarre (and enjoyable) path. Thank you so much for living as you have lived and doing what you've done.

May the afterlife completely defy any expectations you could possibly have had about it. I suspect you'll enjoy it better that way.

Anonymous said...


Sending you speedy recovery wishes from kelly & stevyn in colorado. I wanted to tell you about the denver zine fest in march we are organizing, be wicked if you could attend and speak.

we own a tiny bookshop here and can't keep your work in stock as it is so hot!

get well, we all need you!

ironfeather journal

Unknown said...

I think the communique would be more effective to let you know while you are alive, rather than in eulogy, as to how much your work has shaped the way I've unthought my way to where I am today.

I've been in touch with Leary, P-Orridge, had Burroughs phone # but waited too late to figure out something to say to him - and I wouldn't want the opportunity to pass again to give a heartfelt THANK YOU.

You restored a sense of play in my universe.

Anonymous said...

The Mage ages not.

Mr. Hand said...

if only I could convey what your work has meant to me in a short response. so long, and thanks for all the mad fishmongers.

John Scott Erigene said...

"When we are born, the world rejoices - but we cry...
when we die, the world cries - but we may be on our way to liberation"
- Padmasambhava, the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Thanks Bob, I hope you continue to puzzle and stump your doctors. Hell, you learned to walk twice this lifetime already, I say go three for three. :-)

John Scott Erigene

vidvicious said...

I'd just like to let you know Bob that you have been an inspiration of mine, especially in the last few years...
thank you so much for the amazing books and thoughts.
Stay cool, the lasagna's on it's way.

Perry said...

Well shit, Bob - I've never known whether to send you boxes of candy and flowers or dog turds and dead rats. Leaning toward the tendancy to stick apart, however, I elected to do neither.

See, I had this Pope thing landed on me at the tender age of 15 (quite a while back, mind you) and since somewhere near that time I have noticed a clear seperation in my perception of the world, pre- and post-Pope.

It was early enough that I can't necessarily pin it all on you or your books, or any single external influence. All I know is, trying to live life amongst the Uninitiated and the Others (you know who You are) is no small feat, once you're on the other side of the looking glass.

In any case, checking in on your thought stream from time to time has certainly provided some sense of at least kinship at arm's length. Not that I trust you enough to actually buy into your writing as a sine qua non, or anyone else's for that matter. And sincerely, thanks very much for that.

Both thats. I think.

Much love and affection, I hope you feel better, however you'd prefer.

Anonymous said...

And I love you, too.

Thanks, Bob.

-Ragnarok 2012

Prenna said...

Good journey Bob. Now make sure you keep in touch with us eh?

Love and Joy,


Allan Tan said...

From J Keats.


The church bells toll a melancholy round,
Calling the people to some other prayers,
Some other gloominess, more dreadful cares,
More harkening to the sermon's horrid sound.
Surely the mind of man is closely bound
In some black spell; seeing that each one tears
Himself from fireside joys, and Lydian airs,
And converse high of those with glory crown'd
Still, still they too, and I should feel a damp, -
A chill as from a tomb, did I not know
That they are dying like an outburnt lamp;
That 'tis their sighing, wailing ere they go
Into oblivion; - that fresh flowers will grow,
And many glories of immortal stamp.

Anonymous said...

The first time I read Cosmic Trigger was during the dog days of 2002. For that alone I could never thank you enough.

We love you Bob. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

hi rob,

hope you´re going steady!

i had to laugh about "the dead zen master" riddle!

have a nice time!

mark from europe

Casey said...

In death or in life, may you be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all that is good, Mr. Wilson.

You cannot now know how many people you have helped, informed, and made laugh.

When you finally join the All/Void Ain Soph Aur -- then you will know completely.

From RealMyth

Joe Crow said...

Hail Bob!

Your words were the first nails that cracked open the shell of my youthful dogmatism. For the last 20 years, since I first read the Illuminatus trilogy, whenever I need to break myself free of whatever mindtrap I'm caught in I know I can use your words to pry myself loose. I will be saddened if I can never find new words from you, but know that your life and work has added to mine immeasurably. Without you, I'd be a very different man, and likely a much less interesting and free one.

Salaam, Fnord, Ia, and Namaste.

Dan said...

Hi Bob,

Thank you for everything.

I've been trying to get in contact as I've convinced a magazine I sometimes write for (The Idler - to run a piece on you. Was kinda hoping for an interview, you know, just by email or whatever. You'll have other priorities right now.

Much love.



supes said...

since when have doctors ever been known for their great predictions?

you live forever bob.

with love.

Anonymous said...

Hail Eris!

I wish you a fun afterlife ; if there is such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pope Dr. Wilson,
It is my sad duty to inform you that your unique services have been deemed essential to the continued operation of this facility, and as such your previously approved vacation to The Great Hereafter has been postponed indefinitely until further notice. We apologize in advance if you receive multiple copies of this apology in advance. I salute you in the name of the porpoise horde.


Dr. Dantz D. Revohloosjzun, Esquire.

Anonymous said...

How many freemasons do you need to replace a light bulb?.... ;)

I can't think of any way to see death as a serious thing

Anonymous said...

You wily old goat, I'm sure you left your Historical Illuminatus Chronicles unfinished to make sure you get a good try with any resurrection technologies the future can offer.

"Maybe the damn horse can fly."

Thank you for all the insight and wit in your writing - especially the small portion of it that I've been capable of understanding, enjoying and keeping close to hand. It's always with me and I love you for it.

Anonymous said...


Your writings have had a huge influence on me since reading Cosmic Trigger at the age of 17 in 1977. Your ideas continue to be my guiding light, and now for my children as well (ages 19 and 21) as I pass your wonderous words on to their generation. Thank you for be-ing!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson,

About 12 years ago, I wrote to you asking where I could find a copy of Welles' "F For Fake". I was hoping you'd point me to a mail-order company, but you went and sent me a copy of the film! I've since seen it several times and it gets better with each viewing. I thanked you then and I'm thanking you now; also for your ability to make a chronic depressive like me learn to laugh at himself. I'm raising a pint to you, and wishing I was there to buy us a round.

Oh, and the postmark on F for Fake? Why, November 23rd, of course.

Anonymous said...

Bob I am to have sugery tomarrow and yet all i care about is you doing well. dont except death. ur writing has changed not only my life for the better but millions of others. maybe it's selfish but you can give more.
3 years ago i was given 2 months to live. i refused to give up, if only to prove my doctor wrong.
in any case we love you Bob and thank you for fucking our minds.

Reverend Brendan

Anonymous said...

Medical authorities, who do they think they are :p

You hang in there bob, or take me with you! Or whatever you feel like doing you'll be fine! ;)
So fnord it.

Anonymous said...

"I have been very near the Gates of Death; I am very weak. But not in Spirit and Life, not in The Real Man The Imagination which Liveth for Ever. We must All soon follow, every one to his own Eternal House, Leaving the delusive Goddess Nature & her laws to get into Freedom from all Law of the Members into The Mind, in which every one is King & Priest in his own House." - Blake.

Bless you, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to clutch in life,
Nothing to fear in death...

Bob, I love you!

Peter Swimm said...

what a an awesome/depressing post for my birthday.. keep up the **REDACTED** Bob

Anonymous said...


Three decades of admiring your work and I still don't have a job. From the bottom of my heart, thanks!

Greg, Pope of South Austin (retired)

meep said...

*holds his fist firmly up into the air*

Anonymous said...

I can really only echo the sentiments of previous posts at this point, but I really feel blessed to have discovered your thoughts and writings. No other books have given me such an ability to change both perspective and the very definition of sanity and reality while forcing me to laugh while doing it. I hope your influence is felt long after your passing and that your next adventure is as divinely hilariously improbable as this one must have been. I send you thanks, love, and gratitude. Pass in peace.

Kyt Dotson said...

Levity is the lightest baggage to carry anyplace, especially death, and a far cry better than most baggage most carry through life.

I know that I look forward to seeing little posts appear on this blog, and I will miss them whense thou carry the further ones with thee into the Otherworld -- perhaps we can have a terminal set up there. Of course, why dwell on this world once aware of the next. We'lll all get there eventually.

And here's to the pasta in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
thanks for ALL! Me and many of my friends admire you and everything you wrote down ever!

You influenced my life and my perceptions like no other author ... you helped me to crush most of my inner chains, and to get a free mind and become a free man!

I think those authorities around your room are just un-manifested waves of possibilities, and yes, they are just guessing ... because they have to: yet they/you are not collapsed :-)

SO, when you decide to go back home, be blessed for your life and your work! And remember to greet and salute TIM ...

I hope I meet at your next arrival (2nd coming :-)
In deep solidarity – sincerly yours ...
13-23 Mike Winklmair

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you a painless ~insert model/metaphor here~ Bob.

Oh and by the way I think perhaps you should add surgeon to the extensive list of RAW identities. Your works were the scalpel I needed to extract my head from my ass, or perhaps the dog’s ass? Not the most pleasant of metaphors but right now I can't think of a better one.

My gratitude to you is beyond words. I want to pay homage to you somehow but I'm not quite sure how yet.

Anonymous said...

I was sauntering along the streets of Oslo this evening and thought of you, Bob. And then I thought; maybe I could translate Prometheus Rising into norwegian. Give your ideas another push on the swing, so to speak.

I have no ideas of the different realities this will entail, but it seems like a Grand Idea...

Clark Nova

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
When George Herriman (author: "Krazy Kat") shuffled off this mortal coil, almost nobody attended his funeral. I always thought that was pretty sad; and how unfair, that he should do comics every damn day for thirty years, and people liked them, and that he should die so alone. Besides him, you are my favorite writer. It gladdens my heart to see you receiving the attention I think you deserve, and that you know how people appreciate your contributions, and like that. I always got a lot out of your books and lectures, and thanks for arranging the Academy: great idea, I learned a lot. rest easy and thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 20 year old college student in Waco,Texas. I read one of your books after my high school graduation and I can't express enough gratitude for your writings. Thank you. If the universe finds meaning through the thought processes of its inhabitants then its been greatly enriched during your lifespan.

Respectfully yours,
John Pantalici

Anonymous said...

bob... we've never met, and you've had such a positive influence on my life. you may leave your body, but your impact on earth will last a long long time.

i lost a family member yesterday. there are good people where you're going.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your writing which gave me a lot to think about and also a lot of fun.

Farewell whereever it is that you're going

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I just want to say thanks.
I also want to say that when you get to the "other side" or whatever, try to send us some kinda of astral postcard, just to lets us back here stuck in our fleshsuits that you made it, to wherever.
If this is at all possible, which thanks to you I'm not sure if it is or isn't.
Oh well. All hail Discordia.

BTW, isn't it funny that they named one of those micro-planets Eris? Just a thought to go out on.

Unknown said...

i just wanted to add my two cents here. You are one of my heroes in this world. It is ironic that the world now seems ready to accept your ideas. Damn it i'm crying agian

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

death sucks

robo atom wisdom

Anonymous said...

I love you Bob.

You in no small measure saved my life sir.

If it wasn't for you I probably would have gone bat shit crazy! But sharing in your acerbic wit and widsom helped give me the strength of spirit to live life to the fullest.


I for one will miss you a lot.

In parting: hut-one, hut-two...

...23 Skidoo!!

Anonymous said...

you are truly a wonderful person...i love you as though i actually new that i have known you all along..thoughts of love, admiration and confidence in leading my own path wrap around themselves up into infinity

323ism said...

Dr Wilson you are thee single greatest brilliant geniuse of our time
I just wanted to say that to you cause its what i tell everyone else
My heart goes out to you and your family

You will always be remembered.

Unknown said...

You shake the Earth. I've distinctly felt it.

neuromystic said...

With the possibility of such short time left, I wish to say this. Thank-you for your wisdom and your writings, they have had a profound influence on my thinking and my life. If I may quote from the recent film "The Fountain" -

Death is the Road to Awe

Thank-you again.


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Bob!

You have changed my life in so many ways. I feel selfish for being sad about the possibility of your loss. I know that it has great potential to be a wonderful opportunity for the continuing development of your consciousness. It is for that reason that I am keeping my head up and my eyes bright. You will always be a hero to me, but not in the sense of mindless worship. Rather, you stand amongst great men as examples to be admired and learned from, not to be slavishly followed. Whatever you choose to do after your material body signs-off, know that my thoughts (and the thoughts and prayers of many others) will be with you. I would not be even close to the person I am now had I never encountered your books.

Nicholas Graham
anituel at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thet is not true
Old uncal Bob cant die
And in our country we dont say Good buy to you.
We said ^Hello Robert Anton Wilson. Nice to meet you

M.Luther Bliss said...

Thank you SO much for ruin my bad software...and thank you SOOO much for installing the Grand Central..;-) 23 years ago...

Brought you some Northern goodie..Funki
Porcinis a la Grieg.

Since El Ninjo del Monsoon has occupied my kitchen and country this year...

Bless you and enjoy..

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I will offer a platter of Candied Golden Apples to Eris, she of chaos, for your continued health and presence in human form. May the Bushes burn and crumble and be used as seasoning for the next great celestial bonfire.

What if Saddam Hussein had a secret recipe for the best hummus ever and he's making a trade with Colonel Sanders in the after life as we speak?

Just thought I'd throw that one out there...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson
I love you!
please let us all learn what you find.
Hither Yonder

Omar Ali said...

Words are not enough, they seem shallower than ever now, hope to see you soon so I can express gratitude in a truer manner, thank you

Unknown said...

While I do not wish for you to be in pain I sincerely wish for your life to go on. You have taught me much and I appreciate it. Thank you for everything you have done, not just for me but for our species.

Blessed be,


show me on the dolly said...

From Down Under (Australia):
G'day (hi)
Ta (thanks)

Anonymous said...

Trust the Light when it comes.
I'll try to be of some help and meditate for you.
There's a big loss for the Middle Earth coming.
Those bastards from the higher realms will be glad, though.
Leave all worries and just trust the Light.
Bid you farewell Bob,

PS:There's good portion of RAW material in my neurological pool so don't worry there's no way you can be erased in this realm that easy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, Bob.
Every now and then you come across an author, a thinker, that blows your mind. You are at the very top of my short list.

My brain is still reeling and twisting in ecstasy with the wise, cataclysmic words you've written in the course of your lifetime. Reckon I'll just have to keep rereading your words for years to come (if I'm around that long).

Decided to go to library school- my greatest dream to is maintain a collection of your work and similarly fun and mind-expanding profundities. Here's hoping that dream comes true... I think the world needs more library collections along these lines.

Here's a fun and true RAW story. I bought one of the tarot cards from your Ebay auction. I did a one card reading before it arrived to see if I might experience any *coincidences*. The drawing yielded
the four of wands, "completion". Guess what arrived in the mail? Indeed, it was the very same card!

Lots of love and kind thoughts from Sedalia, Colorado.
Namah Shivaya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob Wilson,

Thank you.


Adam Erro.

mcstain said...


An invitation to you to reincarnate as my soon to be born son, Seamus. He's due in about a month.

All the Love in the Worlds,


Anonymous said...

We love you too, Uncle Bob.

You claim that Eris "is" She What Done It All, but it seems to me that You Done Quite A Bit Of It Your Own Damn Self.

I'm not totally convinced that you won't look back at this post five years from now and laugh about the silly medicine priests, but if that's not the case: so long, light and love be on you, and thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

I spent the summer looking for 23s and Erises after I read your books. I found a Golden Apple restaurant in Stayner, Ontario.

Around the time I was writing my essays in e-prime, I (badly) interviewed you by phone and grilled you on your familiarity with various drugs. I wasn't a narc, have no worries.

Kai brought you up to Vancouver and I saw you speak there. Some people seemed to want to challenge a guru but you were a man. Better than Carlin. I didn't come meet you after the show, I took my hot date home instead. She was prettier than you, and I figured you'd understand.

I finally found Eris, many years later, tatooed on the arm of a yoga instructor who was playfully doing naked pin-up poses for us in my sauna. She was good at it, too.

Oh, I think the Correas are finally getting somewhere interesting with Reich-esque physics at Lots of text there, probably take you at least three months to read it all.

Thanks for all the schooling, and something witty about hemlock and kinder herbs.

Unknown said...

Bob –

Hopefully this comes just in time. Or long before.

We’ve met, once before, nearly seven years ago, in the Green Room at DISINFOCON (“Find The Others”, they suggested), shared a smoke, and had a chat. None of which would distinguish me from the tens of thousands of others you’ve met over the years. Nor did I, in that conversation, distinguish myself. I was too gob-smacked. For there you were, in the flesh, some unheimlich genetic mixture of Santa Claus and Mephistopheles. Heaven and Hell, all together in one package. Fair did one’s head in, it did. Well, that, and the extremely potent smoke.

But all of that is just ephemera. What is permanent begins during the peak of my very first acid trip, back on Christmas Eve 1980, when, by some strange coincidence, I was also reading the climax of Illuminatus! Imprinting? What imprinting? Suffice it to say that your words (and Bob Shea’s) left an impression.

But that was just the beginning. Because that’s when I went through your catalogue, reading every one of your books I could lay my hands on. And that’s how I was introduced to some other thinkers who fundamentally shaped my consciousness: Reich, Korzybski, Lilly, the brothers McKenna, a host of ancient sages such as Heraclitus, Lao Tzu, Hermes Trismegistus, Scotus Erigena, and so many more.

You have been history to me, and philosophy, and, always, always, always entertaining. And if I took anything from your work (I reckon that a examination will demonstrate even to the casual observer that yes, I have), I only hope that I have been to others, in some small part, what you have been to me. A teacher. A guide. A sense-maker and a bullshit-caller.

We are all masters of our own destinies; we are each our own High Priests. But even so, it’s good to know that there are stars out there, by which we can steer our barque, as we sail the shoals toward an unknown shore. Every man and every woman is a Star. But yours, like Sirius, shines bright and true.

So thank you, Bob, for more than you will ever know, and more than I can ever hope to repay.

Just two more things: When you get to Heaven, can you locate those missing appendices to Illuminatus! and send them back to us via some willing trance medium? We’d be much obliged.

And finally, I have a suggestion for a future career, once you get promoted upstairs. I reckon you should be an impresario, arranging public entertainments for the edification of the angels. First up: Wilelm Reich vs. Adam Weishaupt, debating the Nature of Reality. In German. G. W. F Hegel will referee.

Now, wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?

You are not afraid, Bob, and I find that simultaneously amazing and perfectly in keeping. "All things that are, are lights." You taught me that. There is no darkness, anywhere. So stay, or go, in love & light. Everywhere.

With Love, Trust & Understanding,

Mark Pesce

iSirkus said...

Thank you for raging so brightly.


Brennuvargr said...

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Dread would only put a damper on what doctors say are your last days. It's good to know you're taking a grounded approach to the inevitable. Everyone has to die; at least you're facing it with dignity.

Unknown said...

Bob you will be sorely missed, thanks a lot for showing me the fnords and opening my eyes in more ways than one. You showed me light when I was in darkness and I know that I am not alone in this sentiment. Rest assured that you have attained immortality (though you sure ly don't need me to tell YOU that!). Say hi to Eris and the fellas for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncy Bob,

Here's a story to send some joy...

Mar. 14th, 2006 | 02:41 pm

Ok so there's this exercise in Prometheus Rising where you believe that you're going to find a quarter, then when you've found one you believe that you found it because you believed it and see how long it takes you to find another, then you believe that people drop money all the time so it's inevitable that you'll find some sooner or later, and see how long it takes you to find another.
Since I'm in England, I thought I'd do 20p coins instead, as a practicality. I didn't find any for ages, then I found four stacked neatly on top of each other in a park. I haven't found any since, but heaps of people around me have been [finding] 20p coins in my presence.
Finally, last night, I found a quarter. Five of them, in fact.

Deep loves and fondest wishes for a speedy and painless resolution,

DNA said...


I did some work with you at Magical Blend years ago. You have always been an inspiration. Thank you Thank You Thank You

Santa Cruz

Anonymous said...

A very interesting show on with George Nooray, Joyce Hawkes biology of belief, cell healing with mind, etc.. Scientist and healing facilitator Joyce Hawkes will discuss tools for healing that allow the mind to influence biology.
Do what thy will.
Love Tamara & Ishtar Rising

steam-powered said...

Hey there Bob,

While I was completing my undergraduate degree I gave a presentation on the 8-circuit model to students and faculty. This was at a Wisconsin university in the mid 90's. During the Q&A, one professor called Tim and your ideas "dangerous" and that I was "irresponsible" for promoting such a model. This set off a lengthy arguement among the various professors, from nearly every department, on the merits of this model.

I sincerely thank you for all the joy, humor, and wisdom you've brought to my life through your work. I love you, Bob!

screamingnisound said...

i love you bob.

thank you for all you have done.

Swami Origami said...

Your books are like a garden in the pocket.

For the sake of one Rose
the gardener becomes the servant of the thousand swords of Eris.

Take Care
for the Sleep of Non-Existance will free us at last
as the coming and going of the breadth
is but the rocking of the cradle.

and Just as the absolute only guarantee in Life is Death...

Always Remember. In the absence of everything one forgets nothing.

The air of heaven is that which whips between the horse's ears.

A hand with no fingers is a spoon, and a strainer no worse for having another hole. If the gods had meant the human body to last forever, they would have made it out of Spam.

Appreciation from the senses and
Gratitude from the Soul
for the Good Story Teller
who turned men's ears in to eyes.

There once was a woman from Pat
who gave birth to 3 terrible brats
She called one Tim
and she called one Tom
but alas, she had no tit for Tat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hell, Bob.

I could pontificate that you'll live forever through your work, but as Woody Allen said, "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying."

You know, since everybody thought you were dead once before but weren't, you'll leave behind a great indeterminacy about whether you're really gone. After all, just because we read it on the Internet, how will we really know you're gone?

Well, you'll create the reality you need to create. Whatever it is, peace, love, and Hail Eris.

nina h.pixie said...

Hello, Bob~
It was so cool to get to meet you and hang out with you back when I lived in Santa Cruz, especially with friends like Nina Graboi and Elizabeth Gips (among others). You helped turn on so many light bulbs in this wacky little world, and we'll all do our part to keep that going, trust me.

Thanks for being a beacon in times of darkness and a merry prankster unafraid to question authority.

Love and lightbeams,
Ninah Pixie

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert
I haven't known you for very long but was introduced by Reverend Brendan (Bob) - and he is currenty going or is through sugery for is croans problem. You know Robert I asked my Grandmother before she died to do what ever she could to contact me from the other side and she said she would - but It never has happened yet and has been many years. Sure would be nice to be contacted.
Regardless - we all will meet death and to many death is a relief.
Fatso (Russ)

Anonymous said...

look at all of these people

you did this

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

Many thanks for your writing.
It made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Every mind opened is a version of the universe transformed. Bob, you're responsible for innumerable glorious transformations, mine included. We love you very much, and wish you thanks and peace from the west of Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Ich gruße Dich Bob!

I wanted to thank you finding my head.
I thought it was always there, but I was wrong.

I am happy I was born, when I was born, for would I have been born, after you stepped onto the next stage,
it would be harder to believe, that a man like you hath walked the earth in these days.

Thanks for all the fish!

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Thank You, RAW, for many things that changed my ways of thinking and perception! I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dogmatic pessimism. I still hope Goddess will bless you. I hope medical authorities will be wrong. Why not? :-)

Unknown said...

And may the next stage of this journey or non-journey be as delightful or undelightful as the last, enjoy every breath and beyond.

Thanks for all the fish and 'no wife, no horse, no mustache'.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I just want to thank you for changing my view of the world and the silly people in it. I'm sorry I'll never meet you in person. Hey, maybe I'll see you in the next life pretty soon because of all this freaky weather we're having. We're overdue for an iceage, you know. I love ya, and thanks again. :)

Olves said...

My dear and admired Bob,

No lassagna here, in Spain, so I'll fly Paella & Sangría all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Someone with some kinda smarts once said, "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only altered in form." It will always exist in some form or another, nameable or not. Your energy will exist within the people who love you and the vast expanse of whatever is bigger then the universe. That's good news since this place couldn't be the same without you.

P.S. Lacking in lasagna, I threw a remote control in honor of you.. and frustration with trying to program the damn thing.

Beatitude Sputnik said...

Bob, what can I say, your words have, more than any others, made me the man I am today. Whether this is a point in pride or shame I leave for others to decide.

Thank you for being who you are, I love you.

Jonathan said...


I started reading your books when I was 20. You chastized me for it, actually, when I attended a talk you gave in San Francisco -"I don't recommend this for anyone under the age of 40" you said. Now 27, I suppose I see your point, but I have no regrets. On some level you must have wished your books to have an impact, and they certainly did so on me.

As you are the thinker who most influenced me, I dedicated my thesis to you. I'll continue to give your books to my friends, to the end of my days. I'll fly some lasagna too.

Wishing you all the best in your present and future endeavors, and my deepest gratitude-


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your descriptions of reality tunnels and suggestions on how to foster open-mindedness. You are a wise man, and have influenced my life in a positive way. I especially loved Cosmic Trigger. Big love to you.

Anonymous said...


Many people have been giving you similar comments to this one, but that won't stop me.

Your writing has had a major influence on my life. It has served as a guide through some tough and highly weird times.

The funniest part is that it all started when I saw Revelation X on a bookshelf in Barnes and Nobles when I was all of twelve years old. I snuck down to the cashier and bought the book, then hid it in my jacket for fear of my dad finding it and declaring it inappropriate.

You had a quip on the back of the book, I believe, and the next thing I knew I had a copy of Illuminatus that I definitely could not make sense of. I finally read it a few years later, and since then I've been reading whatever of yours I can get my hands on.

So Bob, thanks for everything.

Lots of love,
G. Fox

Beatitude Sputnik said...

Oh I almost forgot to mention. Your law of fives is correct. There is only addition, subtraction is an illusion, the addition of a negative. Multiplication is the addition of logarithms. Division is the addition of negative logarithms. 2+3=5, (10^2x10^3=10^5)=(10^2+3=10^5) Division is equal to multiplication + subtraction. The logarithmic spectrum is arbitrarily parallel to the numerical spectrum. The formula -+x=/ describes the emergence of an n+1 dimensional system from an n dimensional system. This explains how somethingness can emerge from nothingness. I'm still working on it but keep in mind that there is a chance that if I am correct you may very well have pointed the way to a united field theory.

Anonymous said...

Dear RAW,
While I am sure it has all been said before, let me repeat once agian that your work has enriched our lives with wonderful zenarchy, fantastic stories, and an healthy dose of surrealism. Thank you for this.

Beatitude Sputnik said...

ok just one more thing, I have this poem I wrote. it's kind of an attempt at an homage to Joyce, for what it's worth.


mutiawrailing atehe stillslides
asknot what lies beyondor tooclose doorsangless windows
lamblack tombmaroffall imperoar and empticess reachinthe boxysawing selfinshafded
mynd thespianing willspoking purnin throneways
theart vibreathing sinchronizmyrythyverse antiamatoneing nowthen althereist?
fleshunger,lustburning whoreorlaughing mysellfishdesiris
I twistbreak splintergrindtoothearth
fearscreaminlostof horriburden smothercrushes megod; molestects from pans of fancyfearyfolk
leego, myego, tunurturmenstraits
i'llid's archlosed antiegoes knows knowbounds
iconceit comfoldinto artifice
moreotherfarther manangled seeinging allyrics transparental jewelerifractaluminouscales
godevil; rob, hurt, and on will's sun smile, forthisisisis
antifirises pinkinglass
wheeburnonwhil overmore allahschanging onanoff
thenomeloss, nowsn't and knothing is and the lightspright

see, cause, "rob, hurt, and on will's sun" kind of trying to wedge you in there.. anyways, I hope you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

Thank you being yourself and following your Path.

The death could not be the end of things. It could only be another change.

"Shaman-sorcerers have the upper hand; as beings on their way to dying, they have someone whispering in their ear that everything is ephemeral. The whisperer is Death, the infallible advisor, the only one who won't ever tell you a lie."

Don Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda, "The Active Side of Infinity"

Moscow, Russia

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear RAW - Thanks for all your fantastic work! As we're busy spinning around the sun, permit me to wish you an early Birthday wish, and may you enjoy your next Solar Revolution!

I hope it'd be ok to ask you if you could, to post your top 10 books titles?

Books are so important, especially now, that I hope to collect the lists of important and influencial books from as many people as possible - for our mutual literary benefit.

Your own participation would be emormously appreciated! (and anyone else reading this too - see my blog for details).

Thanks again. May lasagna soar ...

Anonymous said...


cried tears of happiness to think you have touched so many, there is hope for us all.

I will try to do my bit with the same courage you have shown... who are they to say what has value in life.

when you [pass] go, feel free to visit my mind whenever, the climate should be reasonably clement thanks to you and whatever good fortune lead to your life.

i feel free to have any thought i wish without judging myself partially insane immediatley after it. good man. love is indeed the law.

many, many thanks


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Bob. Please give the Sun my love when you get there.

Much Love,

Khabs Am Pekht
Konx Am Pax
Light In Extension

Unknown said...

greetings bob...

your optimism is never hindered by the onslaughts of this plane, a true example for us all to experience. much love! heart beams even! teachers are the best citizens of this universe...

Anonymous said...

Wish You to have a nice and most profound journey! ThanX for your visiting our little planet, Robert, You're always welcome here!
Fare You well on your Path and may your ecstasy be eternal and immeasurable, expanding ever beyond!

Anonymous said...

I've only just discovered your stuff. It rings a perfect kind of tone

Clinch that freak heal cure! If not, the perfect way on.

cosmic wishes

Anonymous said...
the above preformance is most certainly the spirit of beauty visiting upon us!Kansha!
love, Tamara & Ishtar Rising

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bozo is making a speech tomorrow and in it he's going to announce that NO ONE is allowed to die until her/his death is offically sanctioned and approved by his new Death Tsar

Knowing how things run in Washington, you probably got at least two decades left before your paperwork clears and you're issued a Death Visa


Anonymous said...

dear bob,

thank you for changing my brain. if you have to leave - tim leary, malaclypse, bob shea, john lilly and your wife are waiting in the afterlife bar to have a nice drink with you... and let the lasagna fly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

This is very very sad.

I never met you personally, but you inspired and influenced me a lot. For that I thank you very much!

I first "met" you in a cinema in the german movie "23" in which you played yourself giving a speech in front of the "Chaos Computer Club". This movie is my favorite movie and it brought your great books to me (Actually it is a very sad movie and I guess the sadness will be intensified once you have left). From that time on I stumbled across you and your work in many ways - for example: I study psychology at that german University (Marburg) you once mentioned in a interview concerning Wilhelm Reich.

I guess it's correct to say, you helped me developing some of my best potential and understanding this crazy lovely planet we live on. And, to put it simple, you made me having a great time and you will do so all my life.

There is so much more I can't say with words - so:
All the best, travel safe and keep intouch with all of us.

Marburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

Do NOT go gently into that good night. And "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings." (And if you see a strange lady singin'; my gawd, kick her out of the house!) Baba Ram Dass says "Be Here Now". Now is all we have. Tomorrow is never a given for any of us. Your lovefest continues. We love you. We thank you. And we'd really like to see you kick death's arse!

Anonymous said...

You were a very important influence in my development.

thanks for that.

Greg Bishop said...


Man, did you ever get a lot of comments on this one! I'm going to have to try this dying thing if nothing else works out.

If I don't see you before you go, try and leave a message for us. They must have email out there, right? It'll be like Houdini's experiment with his wife.

Lastly, and I haven't said this before, becuase it was too embarassing, but your words kept me from probably doing away with myself many years ago. I know that others have said this too, but I wanted to add it before it was too late.

Love to you and best wishes,

Greg Bishop

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Bob.

You rock like a rockin' think rocks.

You've meant a lot to me and a lot of other people.

Among other things, your writings helped me to THINK.

I may still exude ignorance, but I blither somewhat less than I used to.

Thanks for everything. Enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Universal Resonance 23
i cannot think a thot w/o influencing the past
Advertising Bunnyman & Bucky's "Trooth"
Weishaupt's "Illuminati" sxb
i must emphasize Charles Fort's phrase "we are property"
Quantum Logicistal Bastard you saved me when i was 23
you saved me again at 33 and 46
my human brain is being used by you.
Colourless green ideas sleep furiously.

Batty McDougall said...


Look above you.
Look into the night.
See the sky.
See the black and the white.
There is so much black.
Once, there was nothing but black.
But look closer.
Look harder.
Look at the white. So vulnerable. So brave.
All is right.
We are growing...

thanks to you...

psw said...


Peace and joy and adventure to you wherever your mind moves, with or without body, in and out of self, through we who love you and all the other stuff that chooses to exist and create and learn.

Keep moving, keep being something, keep finding out and laughing. We are all with you, of course, always. Thank you for all the dreams and doorways.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Bob, for your work and for reminding us what B.S. really stands for. With Love, Andrew

Anonymous said...

I caught news of your situation via a variety of blogs across the aether and wanted to drop a note.

I have always been a reader. I have always had some book on me or a half dozen nearby in various stages of completion. The day I found the Illuminati series, all were carefully places aside until I had read your books at least three times. Took that long to wrap my brain around everything. No other book has sparked my imagination as yours have.
Thank you and Good Rest.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Blessed be, beacon among my teachers.

Anonymous said...


I would like to thank you for the profound impact your writings have had on my life. I wish you well on your journey. The world will not be the same without your wisdom, humor and optimism. Words cannot express the gratitude and love that I have for you.


Spencer Keala said...

2 beautiful boiling suns
testes of the unbegun

fuller grown man,
everytime eye hear your song
neatly folded by protean paws
I dye in the main
what could upstage this church of SuperGenius
I 4 1 have croaked in the nave

Beliefs or no, our world is struck
and yours to throw

Anonymous said...

George Carlin once said that medicine is nothing but guesswork in a white coat. You'll manage :).

All the best,

Dominus said...

Hey, I just listened to one of your big speeches on the eight circuits of consciousness and, ironically, about death. Thank you for enlightening me. You make reality a fun place to be in again!

People like you make me comfortable with death - I hope we're doing the same for you. Nobody wants you to have a bad trip, dig? You have much love.

Save me a seat at the party.

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