Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dear Friends of RAW

It has taken me some time to come to ground and ask for your help in keeping Bob's work alive, green and growing (ummm, WHO makes it green?). My name is Christina, and I am one of Bob's daughters and executor of his estate. My brother Graham, my sister Alexandra, and I have been getting used to EWOB; Earth WithOut Bob.

The website at will remain the official RAW site and online center of RAW's work. Over the next few months I hope you check back here, as we hope to get a whole lot of RAW activity generated!

The end of our Dad's life was fantastical and filled with profound love and much joy. Yes, there was also sorrow, frustration, stress, and grieving, but it was far outweighed by the lovingness. It was truly an extraordinary time. This was made possible in great part because of you, his beloved friends and fans (and boy did he love you!).

I hope at some point to share with you some of the experiences we all had over the last eight months of being with him, but right now want to let you know that I will be working to keep all his writings in print, and may even be able to print some bits and pieces he never published. There's still a lot of mucky-muck to take care of, as when our mom died, he stopped paying taxes and left a fair debt. Good ole' Bob! True to himself til the day he died...

Email to the Universe is now to be published in Romania, and soon several other countries, and there are vague possibilities of some film stuff floating around. Illuminatus! is now an audiobook and I hope you all buy it, as he would have loved you to hear it. Some of his dear friends lent their voices to the production, so it is doubly precious. What else can I say? Fnord!


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drjon said...

I think I speak for everyone here (even folks who never actually met him) when I say we all loved "Uncle Bob" very dearly, are 100% behind you, and will be happy to help in any way we can.

Kyt Dotson said...

Hurrah! Fnord.

Bill said...

I can't wait to pick up the audiobook version of Illuminatus! I've been listening to the podcast downloads of the Illuminati memos, and I think they're a great intro to help "convert" people over to the cause!

And I'll relish any opportunity to read some of Bob's unpublished and/or unfinished work (though no rush, of course). I still remember reading the sample sections of "Bride of Illuminatus" in the newsletter.

If there's anything else you need, I'm sure there are plenty of us who will be glad to leap in and help out.

Brian Shields said...

I'm the fellow with the video camera at the Meme-orial. The videos are all posted on

Please let me know if I can ever be a resource for you or the rest of the family.


michael said...

There are quite a few of us chomping at the bit to read whatever RAW came up with for his last unpublished/unfinished book The Tale of the Tribe. Please do whatever you can do release as much of that as you can. I have American greenbacks, with pics of REAL Presidunts on them!

Kevin said...

Whatever you have, you know we'll read.

Neil Bates said...

Hi, what I'd like to see most is anything salvaged from The World Turned Upside Down which didn't make it into publication. That project is of particular sentimental value, since I live near Yorktown and took Bob for a tour of the military earthworks and historical museums in 1987. From what I know of the history, he did an excellent job of describing the battles in Nature's God.

I never heard of "Bride of Illuminatus" and The Tale of the Tribe and would like to see them also. Hey, is Falcon Press still the best place to get RAW's writings?

(Hmmm, does Earth WithOut Bush sound better? But I implore something out there, for wisdom to illuminate even him ...)

Best hopes on getting your circumstances straightened out, and your projects enabled.

soon to be determined said...

I am over joyed to see that you are continuing the process that your father committed a great deal of his energy to. I started a myspace account the day after his passing, it was my way of doing something beautifull in his memory, I would gladly be willing to donate it for your use, as you or someone else would be able to put it to good use. Email me at
IM me at
mcdeaglesandwich (AIM)
118345 (ICQ UIN) (msn)

soon to be determined said...

oh btw the myspace account is now deleted, sorry for any kind inconveniece.

mozo said...

thank you to the raw family for blogging and keeping bob on the net and in our minds. I'm looking forward to new postings and possibly some new publishings from raw.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Robert Anton Wilson Memorial Wake at Burning Man 2007

We will remember Robert Anton Wilson.

Please note that we will be immediately north-west of the temple burn footprint.

Lupa said...

I forget where I was wandering online, but I saw a picture of RAW and thought, "Man, I miss him". Even though I never met him, it made me sad in that moment to remember that he wasn't on this Earth any more, though there's also the hope that he's happily with Arlen.

Good to know that y'all are continuing the wonders. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christina. I met your father about 10 years ago when he spoke at the Harvard Club in New York -- a General Semantics event. I will write more later. I was always inspired by his writings. For the first time in my life, I am having some serious personal trials and challenges, and his writing and philosophies are of comfort. I don't know what RAW would think of this, but let me say God bless all of you.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love my audiobook! I love RAW!

Rev Lazarus Green said...

Truly, with the utmost sincerity, I can tell you that Uncle Bob's words, buth written and audio, have inspired me far beyond what I can express. I owe my "enlightened mind" (whatever that is) to Bob and his works. If there is ANYTHING I can do to repay his family for the utter joy he has brought to my life, DO NOT hesitate to inquire...PLEASE, I am sincere.
-Larry McCombs, aka Rev Lazarus Green

Anonymous said...

Thank you a GREAT deal for your effort in keeping the RAW legacy and reality-tunnel going. I appreciate it beyond measure.

Books Without Borders said...
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Hageltoast said...

thank you for doing this, I will be getting the audiobook for sure. Sorry bookswithoutborders is me misposting under the bookclubs id.

djwood said...

Much sorrow at Bob's passing, and much joy to see his ideas continued. Besides buying anything you can publish, many people would want to help.

Please put out the word for what you need.

Gar said...

Great to see you continuing your dad's work. He was a great source of inspiration to me and his books helped me to see the world in a different way. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I do hope that we can get RAW's works published.

e said...

Hi Christina,
I designed a high res 24 by 36 inch poster of your beloved father's book covers and would be happy to offer it for any fundraising purposes relative to your efforts.
I offer it for free, of curse, in the hope that RAW's many fans might purchase it and thus help in your efforts to keep his writings alive.
I can be reached at
best regards,

Anonymous said...

Likewise to all the above.
I would especially lvoe to read any of his unpublished/unfinsihed works. The World Turned Upside Down in any form so long as its Bob's own writings would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brothers and Sisters out there!

Thousand thanks for your and yours sister's and brother's work, Christina.
I'm very happy to hear that this blog , Bobs website and his work will be carried on!

Thank you! we will help.

Greetings from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

I was wanting to find out more about one of my favorite writers, R. A. Wilson, so I went to the internet to search him out. Shocked to find that he has passed on into the next world. Is there any connection between RAW and Colin Wilson? These 2 writers have probably had the greatest influence on my thinking of anyone.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank ANYONE involved (including God and/or simple chance and going through the folks who invented the internet) for this oppurtunity to get at least that close to Bob via his blog. I started reading him about a year and a half ago. I don't really like his fiction works BUT (and there's a HUGE BUT!) his non fiction work helped in shaping my young mind so much. Thank you for the agnosticism you granted me with, though I haven't done any of the exercizes YET :)

Bob Will always live in my mind. Greetings from Israel!
*checking my post for words like "is", hehe*

Unknown said...

Роберт Антон Уилсон навсегда останется человеком, который сорвал границы с разума миллионов людей и заставил задуматься над истинной природой всего сущего.

Спасибо, Роберт.

Ничто не истино, все разрешено..
И прекрасно, и полно Любви..

phylum sinter said...
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phylum sinter said...

Christina and Bob's kids,

It is almost unbelievable (tear-inducing really) to hear how he went out... the one thing that continually gives me an ear-to-ear smile was his ability to both stab the baddies so precisely yet be so optimistic about everything simultaneously. He exposed shitheels at every turn and let the audience know it ultimately didn't even matter that they were around trying to muck things up -- the gains of these twits are unstable and weak compared to what we could be doing and there are always better answers than the ones we've been handed. It heartens me beyond belief to know that he loved his children so much at the end. I can only pray the same might happen to myself.

Like the many who've already saluted, your father's work, voice and mind had such a monumental impact on my worldview that still I weep at his [bodily] loss. His message will hopefully burst through our collective conscious some day before one of us psychotic ape-men decides it's useless to continue the struggle for good.

Though the debts and such are surely a snag, i'm just as positive that the ability to nullify them and continue spreading his work is as great or greater than it's ever been.

Hail Bob!
phylum sinter

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

of course we'll be watching his spiritual essence wandering through the net :)

edit this never published material as quickly as you can, cause that would be a cure for me and many more free-freakin' souls :)

Unknown said...

How incredible it is to feel such profound regret and sadness for having never met Bob Wilson, the man who, while Susan Cooper, Madeline L'Engle, and Tolkein made me wanted to be a writer when I was a kid---convinced me as an adult, remotely through his prose, that I could actually do it.

A few days ago I re-purchased most of the books of his that had been lost or umm...borrowed for a number of years. I was also lucky enough to find a great documentary on his philosophies and experiences (though I'm not sure where the money I purchased it with actually went--hopefully some of it made it to your project)

I'm looking forward to finding the audiobook of Illuminatus!. Is there any material from any particular source that you would recommend picking up, such that as much bits of money get to your work with his material as possible? I'd very much like to make this a game of efficiency as much as it is one of mind-fuckery.

Nitrosyl said...

i don't know where else to write this tidbit, maybe someone will read this and they will know what it means. you know how there are rods and cones in your eye that enable you to see light. ok, i think that one of my cones exploded in my eye because i saw a set of lines being draw in the shape of a pyrimid. the next night i had a dream where someone asked me to draw the sign, which i did but using my math degree i drew in an infinite series, which because it was not reality (created by imaginary parts) the image grew unstable and fell apart. when i woke up i redrew the 3 dimensional image and counted the number of lines i drew before it fell apart, 17, then i counted the number of lines to complete the series, 23.
then recently after that the pope was named BenidiCt 17. Did i do something right or wrong? has anyone seen the pyrimid with there eyes closed? i heard of something called a hyperactive ganglia. thank for the secret message in that one page in that one book 01 1111 01=2,15,2 in binary=BOB

Namaspirt Music & Martellexpressions said...

Jai Baba

Just learned about you via sounds true. Why the 23 ON THE STAMP?



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i hope it isn't rude to RAW cryogenically frozen or otherwise preserved in some way?.... i imagine if such technology is ever perfected it would be a fair shock to those who are reincarnated so to speak, and RAW might be the best person to bring back first...

Somebody like RAW could be a great help to others not so used to suddenly waking up in a new reality

Anonymous said...

can u connect me with anyone involved with john c lilly's work with dolphins, leary and the circuits....I am a female grad student who used inner isolation work for over 15 years to save my life. Through this work, that I refined with the research of your father and his friends, I have further connected with dolphins. Currently, they are being slaughtered at very high degrees in Japan. This is making me very uneasy. Please connect me with ones that are carrying on this work. I offer myself to research if done in a humane way. Please send me any communications thru my private email at Very sincerely, Rebe

Anonymous said...

Sad and happy see the news.
It's been many years since I've read your books, haven't been the same since.
thanks for sharing

MissPortinari said...

Hi Christina!
Is there any possibility to contact you? I am a stundent from Germany and right now I'm writing a very important "kind of essay", which I chose to write about your father. It would be great if there was the possibility to ask you some questions...
I would be pleased to hear from you... My email-address is:

Love and Light

Anonymous said...

I never thought I could miss someone I never met...and so deeply! Thank you so much for your dedication for keeping his legacy alive, and I will definitely do my part to that to that extent.


Hypermechanic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hypermechanic said...

I am happy to have spent time talking to him and wheeling him about dragoncon in Atlanta. I missed Leary, William Burroughs.
To have spent some time with one of my teachers was fulfilling.

Thank you ,dekujeme Vam, dank u wel, dankon, kiitos, merci, danke, köszönöm, terima kasih, grazie, Kamsahamida, Xie Xie, Gracias, Slain Abahalie, Domo

Anonymous said...

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actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

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ntrval said...

Keep the lasagna flying! Praise Bob, Hail Eris, at all, at all!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please write anything else!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a publisher who reads manuscripts specifically anaginst templars?

Anonymous said...

I read "Illuminatus" in high school when it was first published and it ruined me for normal life.

Miguel González said...

I stumbled by accident into him (his book "Prometheus Rising") last Sunday, the morning I was coming back home from a study exchange in Wales.
I had been referred to it very passionately by a dear Danish activist-mind juggler-tripper like us, so I figured I could borrow it for Christmas. Anyway, as you can figure I'm nearly at the end (today is friday) and he's been my mind for this whole week, so I think it might be inaccurate to say he's dead.

The point of this post is to note some half-synchronicity. His body stopped functioning on 11/1/07. On 11/11/07, an antifascist 17-year-old boy was murdered by a spanish soldier. He was there with a mass of comrades to stop a racist demonstration by a fascist party in an immigrant-filled suburb of Madrid.

As always, the best homage is to keep the ideas moving.

Neil Bates said...

Merrie Allmess everyone!
(This is the holiday I created by mixing up all the other ones together, including whatever you want to add! The cool thing is, it cannot discriminate, so you can celebrate it any day in any way you wish!


Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

Oh my.
There are phenom we take for granted ... not contemptously, but as though out of confidence and a relaxed relationship with reality and actualities.

So ... it's bee a while ... not the happiest news I've heard.
But ... surely and certainly: not the saddest.

I hope his leave-taking was relaxed ... I can think of no greater wish than that all should go so well, after having /been/ so well.

regards to y'all over there from us'n over here

ben aka WillowBear

Neil Bates said...

On January 18 of this year, RAW would turn 76! REM the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati, the "coincidental" founding of UniStat that same year ...
Have a great New Year if at all possible, considering the clique that's running things, hello to ye-all of the GWN, WillowBear.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Bob was a wise man. His works need to be read by all. We need to make Robert Anton Wilson a household name.

In years to come he will be seen as a great philosopher.

slÖ said...

All Hail Eris!

Tom Bombadil may be willing to help, Rosjel as well.

Hail Discordia! -><- Hail The Professor!

greetings from antwerp

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Anonymous said...

he changed my view of things,
the way I`m thinking, my life, more than anyone else.
he set me free...a bit.

eternal hail to the mindfucker

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Roland said...

Is this a way to get in contact with you? Greetings from Germany, Roland Weigelt, Manager of the 2009 Robert Anton Wilson Memorial Festival in Cologne

Anonymous said...

please please please please please release Tale of the Tribe or whatever there is of it....

icarus_23 said...

Yes, let's keep the Bobs' work alive. Some folks thought the whole Discordian gestalt would wither and die without bob's guiding hand, but this is definitely not true.
I've been reading some of his later books that I hadn't had the chance to read yet, and am impressed with how his style matured. The man still has some things to teach me...

Unknown said...

Hello -

I'm not sure where else to ask about this - I recently completed a low budget feature film under the title "Tale of the Tribe" - I used that title because it was the best title for the film, not in reference to Bob. However, I have read most of Bob's books, and I know he was going to publish a book under that title, and offered a course under that title (I don't know the details about either, although I do know the history of the phrase vis a vis Ezra Pound's body of work) - I didn't think a low profile film would be much of a threat to a non-fiction book that was never published.

However - I'm now adapting the screenplay into a novel, and I have a nagging feeling that I should seek the family's blessing if I go forward with the same title. My main concern is that Bob's book "Tale of the Tribe" might actually exist and is going to be published somewhere down the line. Bob is without a doubt my favorite writer and I would never presume to encroach upon his work in any way shape or form. I hope, as the phrase is itself a description of an earlier writer's work, that the publication of such a title wouldn't raise any eyebrows. But I don't want to assume so without checking.

Can anyone refer me to anyone?



Unknown said...

thank you for this beautiful testimony


Anonymous said...

A bit of FBI File information (and leads to further information) has been published here:

Anonymous said...

Hail Eris-- I'm looking for Christina to contact me. I have a very exciting idea in furthering and preserving the RAW estate, his ideas and most specifically- making the Illuminatus trilogy a household name.(a serious contribution to OM- is that an oxy-moron? OM,OM.)
Of course, the Skeptic in me wonders if this blog is still operating, since there hasn't been a post in a while. And the Paranoid wonders if I should not go into detail about this idea in such a public place (in case there are those with ill will towards such an endeavor).
At any rate, the Artist in me feels very strongly about pursuing this.And I will trust that because my intentions are pure and my conscience clear, some sort of Divine Design of Synchronitic events will land this message into the proper hands.At the very least, I would love to hear a big fat refusal to even hear my idea-- as opposed to being ignored completely.
I can be contacted at or write me snail mail Operation:Create
PO box 1813
Thompson Falls, MT 59873
Want do my part and use the talents I've been blessed with-- Sincerely, Justin Harris aka Emperor Justin aka Darth Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Henry Whittle-Utter: Sorry this is such a late response.

Unless the Government Big Wigs have made the laws even more restrictive recently, I don't know of anywhere a title can be copyrighted.

There are dozens of copyrighted songs called, "I Love You," for example, and Fox News attempt to sue Al Franken because the title of his book made a joking reference to their phrase literally got laughed out of court. (do a search for "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.")

There is a restriction against using a registered trademark in a title: if you don't want a lawsuit, don't try calling a book "Mickey Mouse vs. Superman."

Anonymous said...

As I recently broke out in a rash of emails and posts regarding my connection to Robert Anton Wilson, some of them from people who posted here, I'll clarify some things for your convenience.

According to what Bob's daughter Christina Pearson posted on our blog, Bob had no biological grandchildren. That would rather rule me out as RAW's genetic grandson, hmm? I got away with calling em Grandbob because e was a very patient man.

And I did not steal the name "Reverend Loveshade." Grandbob had no more problem with me calling myself Reverend Loveshade than I did with Bob calling emself Pope Bob.

And much as I might like to claim it, I am definitely not RAW's literary successor. I've been inspired by and love Grandbob dearly, but I'm too infected with Monty Python and Aesop and Pee-wee Herman to ever truly read like RAW. Although my sandbox does sometimes get a visit from Schrödinger's Cat....

Reverend "writing crap because 'primates mark their territories with excretions'" Loveshade

Ghostgrrrl said...

After RAW's transference I decided to give away all my books to those who were not initiated. I'll just buy them again. RAW has changed my brain even more than LSD and I would like to infect everyone on this planet with it!

Anonymous said...

"E-Mail to the Universe" IS "Tale of the Tribe", isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just got turned onto RAW.. wow.. what a precious spirit. Much Love.

Unknown said...

Haha! I'm glad I found this site. I've really loved all his literature. Unfortunately I found a lack of reference to his weedpunk literary roots. He along with Shea is often considered one of the flagship authors of the weedpunk literary genre, because of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. For more information check out I hope we keep his memory alive.

Sylvia's Chante said...

What ever happened to Tales of a Tribe! I remember preordering it but it never came out. What's the word?

Anonymous said...

Stop fucking lying!!
Never in my entire existance have I ever heard or read or fucking anything of anything on Robert Anton Wilson.
I find this entire spectacle disgusting.
Robert Anton Wilson never existed, stop telling me he did!!
I find it extremely strange this man pops up after I've been searching for my real father, Robert Wilson for over 2 years now... And after a life of religious and human behavior studies, are you now telling me that my life was a lie? Ever seen the Jamie Kennedy X...
Or is this a circus event for young and old? I find it strange I discover inner secrets of secret societies, and now this fake man appears..
Don't mess with the wongs fuckfaces :)

Anonymous said...

I was trapped in our Robot-Society for the last few years, but maintained my "discordian roots" as best as I could.
Only yesterday I thought about reviving an old project of mine, and about contacting R.A.W. for his opinion on this.
I somehow knew he alredy left this world.
Today, I visited the R.A.W. page for the first time (shame on me!)
and found the thought to be true.

In my opinion he was (and still is)one of the great minds of our century and would like to express my grief for the fact that I cannot correspond with him.

I don't like the idea of saying this, because it sounds egoistic and I feel that condoling to the family is somewhat late, but also felt the need to say it, anyway.

I apologize if this will be received as impolite.

He turned the world into a less stupid one in some scale, and I am thankful for that.

Finally, I hope this post is not too weird, for I am german and english is therefore not my mother language.

Keep up his work and the best of luck to you, his relatives.

ntrval said...

"email to the universe" is largely a collection of material published elsewhere as early as the late 50's but not available in book form before 2005. Also included are new pieces and haiku. Sometimes I wonder if the Tale of the Tribe was forthcoming until the advent of Bozo in the Whitehouse, when Pope Bob found it necessary to instead revisit the territorial pooings of primate history in comparison to the kneejerk mentality of scared pundits and flagsuckers.

A small way to keep the spaghetti flying, but please visit myspace /popewilson. Several gather and share there, and more RAW fans the merrier!

~Hail Eris~

Starmandala said...

Christina dear, your daddy ain't dead - he just playin' possum to 'scape the goddam taxman!


I dedicated a blogpost to RAW in May 2007.

With wholehearted love & support for your wonderful efforts to keep the lasagna flying.

P.S. You may be chuffed to know your Dad succeeded in titillating & finetuning the mind of an Abominable Jungleman who resides in the jungly heartland of the Malayan Peninsula where he manages fine with a savage punk housemate, a jolly bunyip-faced boy named Ahau, a growing menagerie of felines & canines... & of course a broadband connection!

abraxas23 said...

The Magus


ntrval said...

Comment 93

Al Kirke said...

I have just learned of Robert Anton Wilson from a book i was reading that refferred to him. and then went and googled him.clicked over to a site then the first words i read Were" Getting stoned and surfing the web" very intrigued and will be reading more.

Ps Very happy to have found RAW and am about to learn more of him.

borsky said...

Tomorrow two years already… Bob hasn't aged a day. More and more lasagna seem airborne.
Amor et hilaritas!

Anonymous said...

should you have a web banner for the other site, ot his, please feel free to pass it on (i cant seem to find one otherwise)

and i will gladly Fnord pop it on my myspace and the likes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert Anton Wilson,
I know you're not with us anymore and that two years have passed since.
I read most of your books and planned to finish your opera omnia. I'm sad I have never took the chance to write to you and say what an inspiration you've been for my intellectual formation and even my profession. After a decade as a graphic designer, I have started a publishing company and, yes, I'd love to print in Italian some of your works. Of this, I will discuss with your heirs – I'm sure you have some other wonderful things to do while flying in the universe.
While I'm not sure you can actually read, or care about, my words, I feel the need to express my sadness for not having made what was possible to get in touch with you. Shyness, maybe, or a stupid sense of distance. I definitely would have loved to exchange a couple of letters with you.

Sergio head{[at]}
(and, yes, that 23 is there for you)

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neutralville said...

I just graduated from college. Instead of going to graduate school, I started a blog called Be Your Own Graduate School. The introductory text is my favorite book, Prometheus Rising. If you're into RAW as much as I am, check it out here--

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Tony Smith said...

I saw Bob in Guthrie just last week. His clothes fit oddly and there was a strange buzzing and clicking. It felt really odd when he shook my hand.

When the most beautiful woman in my world came to bring witchcraft to Norman 23 years ago Laura put RAW, Dr. Leary, Starhawk and Crowley and Sagan in my
ex-Catholic hands. What a pregnant lot of thought such likes dispense. And we in turn dispense. It gets dispensive, but life is cheap in Oklahoma so we can afford it.

"Hi Graham" says Laura.

We've shared those books and ideations, and lost a few [both], with other freaks, futiques, faries and a few so-called scientists here click in Norman Oklahoma ever since. Even did some time with Wilhelm Riech in Hell. Buzzzzzz.

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Neil Bates said...

Dear Friends of RAW:

Depending on your proclivities, please have a Happy St. Puketrix Day or St. Pooka-tricks Day! Well, to be more straightforward and "normal" (ugh) I could just say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all RAWphiles and any entity that wants to be in the audience (even Platonic ones, or in parallel worlds where my words appear also in more-or-less similar form - I guess you know who you are ....) Enjoy/celebrate ...

PS: check this also:

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Been a bit since I've checked this part of CyberSpace, some personal things have been keeping me on my toes. Let's just say that due to a major theft, the 35th Anniversary of ILLUMINATUS! I'd been planning got delayed to be the 25th anniversary of the comic version.. Eris and the Heirs willing (Christine is an Heiress, obviously...)

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I'd love to see that work eventually get finished from the outline if the right things pull together.

More on this next plan after I have the chance to get privately with Christine and the others.

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Bobs work lives on and I'm thinking his spirit has a hand in this too - check the sauce code ;0), think Tim, Terry and bill are helping him too, those pesky kids!
Peace Love and Light to you all

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