Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Soccer Overseas

A habit obscene and unsavory
holds the Bishop of Boston in slavery
midst hootings and howls
he deflowers young owls
which he keeps in an underground aviary.

-- John Steinbeck


Driftless Books and Music said...

Hail Eris!

Donnacha DeLong said...

Hail Eris! Welcome back online, Bob, great to see you.

G. L. Dryfoos said...

Dear Bob,

Wonderful to hear from you. I will try to contribute to this blog.

I was expecting mail from you this morning. Last night I dreamed that your public speaking was driving the Pope (this new greyfaced one) bonkers. You had a crowd all whooped up by saying, "I never saw Jesus risen, but I've seen Finnegan Wake!" and the Pope was waving his arms in flapoplexy and turning even greyer.

So when I woke up, I was expecting either a message *from* you or a message saying you'd croaked in the night. Your message about the blog, being the former, would count as my preferred alternative.

mazel tov,

-- foo

Fu Man Chu said...

Hi Bob

Your books have helped me to see that having a different world view dosen't make me nuts. They also helped break the programming that the robot had from the Catholic Church.

Good luck man

Tommy Anthony said...

Dear Bob-
Great to see you online...I hope you're feeling well, that your medicine is fun, and that the TSOG has been off your back. I'm a huge fan & an aspiring writer myself, trying to get my crazy shit published. Believe it or not, in however an indirect way, your books inspired me to become a Mason & a Templar. It's hard to tell from your books & stuff whether, you're a brother of the Craft yourself, though you obviously know some of the secrets. Whichever the case, may the Grand architect of the Universe or whatever it is...be it simple optimism & the invisible forces which lift a smile, may it always be with you.

Bec said...

Dear Bob,

Yesterday I became convinced that I'd solved "what is the sound of one hand clapping?":

It's the same (I was thinking) as asking someone to describe etic reality. Both are unimaginable - the sound of clapping exists only as a product of the union of two hands, just as "the world" exists only as a product of the union of etic reality and a mind. The question implies the absurdity in considering only half the process.

...or maybe the answer's "half a clap"?

Anyway, thank you very much for this blog, and for everything that came before it. I hope you're well!

With love,


Unknown said...

All Hail Discordia!

IWelcome back to cyberspace!

Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discord

Droo said...

Welcome back RAW, I've been checking your page everyday since I discovered you about two months ago. Since then, I have read Schroedinger's Cat, Prometheus Rising, and as soon as I finish learning the fundamentals of Crowley's Thoth tarot deck, I'll be reading the Illuminatus! trilogy. Great to see you still kicking, It's good to see people actually looking out for the world.

Jesse said...


I live in Santa Cruz, now, I'm from Washington, DC. Anyway, I happen to have started reading Prometheus Rising and you've changed my fucking life. I read it absurdly slowly underling stuff in bright colored inks and writing my notes, I'll then and think about the chapter's for a week or so then read more. I like to read the chapter's when I'm stoned and on mushrooms. This is such a night.
Anyway, so I'm reading and I've wanted to try to contact you and go over your house or something since through some synchronicity/ chaos/ odd circumstance, I happen to be living int he same town as the guy who's rewiring the circuitry of my mind and conscious reality. So, I went online determined to find a way to contact you. Cause I've been procrastinating it for some odd reason. Anyway, it seemed tangible. And then it seems you've started this blog so there is actually a chance you might read this. If so PLEASE email jrakusin@gmail.com. I believe we'd get along. Really. I'm a psychedelic musician, I live on w.cliff, I'm 25, I have some good music and weed ( which I know you do as well )and a good mind and I really would enjoy talking with you and I believe you would enjoy talking with me. So hopefully we'll hang out. If not that's fine. Your still my damn hero and you've altered my reality. Thanks.

diogeneshqabbagewhite said...


Clearly you are keeping your frabjous, illumined mind busy. A penguin goes into a bar and the barman says 'hey, what can I get you?' The penguin says 'well I was just looking for my brother...' the barman says 'what does he look like?' Aah, you probably heard it before. Looking forward to the next book. Very best wishes.

Paul McQ said...

Eris Duit, a Roibeard,
agus na caith tabac, a chara!

Amor et Hilaritas

Mr.MojoRising said...

Dear Mr. Wilson,
i´m not writing in my mother tongue but i hope you´ll forgive me for my bad english.I remember the day that i found your book prometheus rising (or "der neue prometheus" as it is called in german), or was your book finding me? since that day on i had a different view of live and espacially my counscousios. it turned more and more positive and strange things happend. i want to thank you for this .
get well soon.
as we say in germany
heros live long ,but legends never die

Anonymous said...

how would an RAW fan send snail mail to the man himself?

i have a small project that would never have happened if i hadnt encountered your books at the age of 14.

i would like very much to get a copy to you

youll dig it, i bet.

shokkou said...

Dear Uncle Bob,

May the goddess continue to allow you to dwell in our humble presence here for as long as you can tolerate us. Me love you long time!

Lesley in Ape-X NC

Julian said...

Good to see you back on the Internets. Any thoughts on this new Jim Carey movie, "The Number 23"?

Unknown said...

RAW, it's great to see you're staying busy! Just got "email to the universe" yesterday, and I'm looking forward to diving into it! I'll stop shouting now. That aside, I hope you well.ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!!!Tony

Anonymous said...

Greetings and tribute to the Chief Medicine Man of the west coast.

Thanks for the laughs!

My mind fits me so much better since I came in for the mental alterations. I'm going to have to use your service everytime I get a new brain!

Anonymous said...

Hi bob, great toherfromyou. I hope you´re doing fine. What interests me is what you think about the 9/11 conspiracy theories, as you are an expert on conspiracies. It seemsyou have been very violent on the attacks.

Nat said...

Hi Bob!

Glad to see that you're online. I read at your site recently that you're bedridden. Much love goes out to you and your family, and I hope you're feeling well, despite your situation.

I just want to say thank you for your books and wisdom. I'm sure this is the same message that you've been given from countless others over the years. I guess I want to jump in on the chorus :) Thank you for the information and knowledge that you've shared. It's also been great to pass on your books to others, bring them out of their reality tunnels, or at least get them to question what they believe to be true of the world. You came to me at a time when I was looking for that, and so I thank you for being there!

This is something that I've wanted to tell you ever since I started reading your books. Thanks for baring with my overly gracious and ego-glorifying message :)

Hugs and love! Have a smoke for me ;)


Anonymous said...

i don`t now if you read this bob...
but iàm here in nuernberg germany and pray for you...
you gave me light and inspiration...you opened doors for me...iàm a feng shúi geomantic consultant...i learn from an old chinese master...and go dousing...
i know there are a lot of energy`s and shamans in differnt places...
i hope the lightning frequenzys of different lifeforms help you to take good qi in your lungs to refresh yourself...
i don`t no if you can get "Goldpowder"wich could refresh your cells in the body...
masters in buthan cleans cancer and aids with it...
it is made in alchemy!!!
but i think you have tried all of this...
but you could order it...
comes from
Sir Prof. Yes T.Y.Lim

Rosi sell this here in germany...
Tel.: +49-8363-926355
Fax: +49-8363-9283910
Mail: rosi.georgi-seidl@on-ergy.de

Bob i think of you and a pray for you...
psychic greetings from deep in my heart and mind and life.
we all go away and maybe we come back oneday...:-))

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,
How do I know it's really you?

Unknown said...

Dear Bob,
How do I know it's really you?

How does Bob know that its really him?

Ruach X said...

to wit, a writer who can't speak
feels like a bird, all wings and no beak
she flew to the sun
mattering to no one but one
and said,'phew, burnt birdies do reek!'

i should go now, or face mopping my last leak

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr RAW,

i read a few of your books recently, thanks for helping me articulate my insanity in such a way that i can now make most people (mainly myself) seem foolish and ignorant, you are a saviour and i don't think i'm gonna get locked up now.

You are a fine addition to existance, and without doubt the best author i have ever read.

i would praise you for longer but i don't think anyone would like having their arse kissed for too long. i look forward to more bloggage from you.




voice of doom said...

Glad to read that you still breathe.
I consider you to be the most important philosopher of the last half of the 20th century...and more importantly my favorite author.

Heal quickly and continue to write.


Padraic23 said...


I would just like to thank you for the inspiration over the years from your books and tapes. I discovered your work when 17 years ago when I got out of the service, they brought me back to a level of sanity and taught me the folly of being part of the race of drones this country seems to produces. For this I thank you. Hail Eris and Choyofaque!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

I believe you will love to hear that The Illuminatus! trilogy has been recently published in Russian! I made a Russian site dedicated to it at http://illuminati23.narod.ru
Thank you for your great books, we wish you a quick recover from your disease and many more bright and smart books, records and plays in the future!

Anonymous said...

The easter bunny sent me. He said he was very happy about seeing your blog. He also wanted to thank you for making him a Pope. That was about it. He ran away with my eggs and now I don't have a whole lot to eat. I imagine he will return to read your next post.

Monsalvat said...

dear sir,
would you please extend your blessing to my work-in-progress, which your books did much to inspire?
thank you,

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your feeling better. My band played a show in dedicated to you to get well soon, playing all the songs inspired by your writings, and it appears to have helped. Positive energy is as real as gravity

borsky said...

Dear Bob
I just decided - since there exists no way for me to confirm this by factual observation - that the person who manages this blog goes by the name of Robert Anton Wilson and wrote the books that opened up my third nostril. So hail Dr Faustroll, cornegidouille, fnord almighty, glad you're back on this side of the yellow brick road mr Wilson. Rev. Stang wrote that the "doctors for Bob", I mean your physicians, were wrongfully accusing you of actually passing the red sea. Glad you chose not to. CU around for the next 74 years (although I doubt my ability to catch up)

Vot said...

Dear Mr Wilson

I suppose that the best thing you can say to an author is that their books changed your life. Your books changed mine.

I am truly sorry to hear about your health situation, I am glad that you are supported by your family. The love that you give out in the fullness of your strength returns a hundredfold in your times of need. You bring the dharma. Keep on kicking against the pricks!

Anonymous said...

As concerned to that yellow brick road that borsky mentioned, it actually seems to be an invisible brick road, at least from my point of not-viewing-DIRECTly-at-it.

Unknown said...

You rock, Bob.

Anonymous said...


As a lifelong Bostonian I feel I must take exception to your most recent posting. Everyone knows that the sea-gull is the buggery bird of choice. This owl-centricity is obviously the import of questionable Newfoundland fishermen, and is therefore suspect.


Mitt Romney

The Pagan Love Cult inc. said...

Oh yeah... howsabout...

From the cavernous crypt of St Giles
came a scream that resounded for miles.
Said the novice "Good gracious
has Father Ignatious
forgot that the Bishop has piles?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Even though I now see fnords every time I watch tv or read the local paper, the pleasure derived from reading your books was worth it.

Please ask your publishers to reprint "Reality Is What You Can Get Away With", I think it's well suited for today's audience.

Thanks for everything.

Steve Kramer

Anonymous said...

What the hell, dude. Good to see you finally pulled yourself back together.Did you get yourselves a shower?
The old adage appears factual: some people will do virtually anything, including find themselves safely ensconced in a warm glow of thrice deserved praise, for mere attention.

What are you going to do now?

Monsieur Obscure said...


to execute
the ten homeruns they had
to make some big moves.
the winner is happy,
the only one satisfied in the end.
the dirty carpet is holding bacteria
you bring it to incubate,
where the bacteria live
on us like a planet.
scientists are now convinced
we are living on an electron.
the rebel dancers are having fun
but they work on your home all day,
where your cat has a daily plan,
like a child with a television.

[the anouncer has a booth
whose opinion is far away
from the people in the crowd]

“there’s life underground.”


Monsieur Obscure said...

help bob everyone!

i wear my pope tee with pride!


long live pope bob!

with love

Destouches said...

In seventh grade I gave a presentation on the Illuminatus! Trilogy to my class. I didn't censor much. I got an A. I think someone peed themselves a little.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

We had a bit of fun over at thenonist.com a while back, coming up with philosophical limericks. Here's a few I pulled out of me arse:

Diogenes, in the agora
Made everyone startle in horra
While beating his meat
In the midst of the street
Said, “I wish they’d invent viagora”.

(Legend has it, he really pounded it in the marketplace to show his contempt for society’s opinion. Nowadays, he’d get thrown in jail.)

As Willard Van Orman Quine said,
“as willard van orman quine said.”
You quote it like this:
“You quote it like this.”
Itself, “it contains” it contains.

Heracleitus stepped in a stream
And stepped in again, it would seem
the stream kept its name
but was not the same
the water had changed, like a dream

I guess the encephalopods
Have their own ineffable gods
The octopus thinks
Of what? It’s a sphinx,
A riddle to landlubbing sods.

Glad to see yer bloggin, Unka Bob. You are my pole star, and you make it look fooken easy.

Robert Anton Wilson said...

It isn't me. It appears like me. The real me does not exist.

Ratatosk, said...

Dear Bob,
How do I know it's really you?

How does Bob know that its really him?

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

Well of course not. We couldn't expect the real you to stick around here all day.

But we'll make do... dodobedobedo...

Robert Anton Wilson said...

It isn't me. It appears like me. The real me does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Do "we" exist if "you or I" don't? What did Popeye mean when he said " I yam what I yam"? Did he mean that the answers to life will be found in a potato?

Anonymous said...

When you posted this I was throwing up in a youth pastor's apartment. Or maybe at his church. The point is I had no idea this was on here and I just read it. I must say it's mostly meaningless with a dash of something that gives life to my vomit. Or possibly there was something partly alive in it. I'm not sure. I guess what I'm trying to say is, "You sir are a ass." That and it would be swell if you didn't die. My trips to the bathroom would be boring without your life's work. Feel better in the knowledge I stole all my copies of your books from the library and didn't directly give you any of my money. That's why its cheap laughs. Thanks.

--Some Random Jackass

Anonymous said...

Hey, speaking of soccer, check this out:

Quantum Soccer!


(Game below right; story at "complete text" link in upper left")

- Sean M.

Hodad said...

got this page on my site on older guys playing futbal in El Salvador where I live, and a place of magic
if you let it


read your works starting years ago.
always influenced me for the positive
ba safe and warm

Anonymous said...

Hail Eris!

Anonymous said...

I Love You, Robert Anton Wilson

Anonymous said...

Your Books ставят крышу на место

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Scotty Jefferson said...

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